The Icons Up There

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The Icons Up There

Post  RachelInWonderland• on Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:22 pm

Now, Do you see the icons up there? WAYYYYY up there? Those are to navigate to different pages. Here's what they are!

The House: Home, duh!
The Calendar: Calender, duh!
Purple Question Mark in the Thought Bubble: FAQs
Magnifying Glass: Search, duh!
Monkey: Users
Stick People: Groups
Face with the Crazy Eyes Which I Just Realized is from Google (the eyes are the o's!): Profile
Envelope: PMs
Clipboard: Register
The Little Man in the Bubble: Log In
Little Penguin Waving: Log Out

Now that you know what the icons are, I hope you aren't confused! If you are, go ahead and ask me anything!

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